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This graduate program focuses on the study of complex interactions in the environment, applying scientific principles and methods from three basic disciplines: Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior (or EEB). Its mission is to train students with interdisciplinary competencies in research and education. The subject matter of EEB is broad, and encompasses topics such as studies of human origins, the evolution of biodiversity over space and time, the origins of social systems, and the effects of climate change and biotic invasions on ecosystems. The research conducted through this program impacts many applied fields, such as conservation, bioremediation, or epidemiology, to name a few. This program is supported through the CAS Deans Office, and currently involves the participation of faculty from the Departments of Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Geography, Geology and Psychology.


Core courses open for FALL 2015

BIO 507 [Drs. Lasker and Coffroth] Advanced Ecology

GEO 506 [Dr. Coniglio] Geographical Information Systems (you must register for LEC and LAB)

GEO 515 [Dr. Larsen] Conservation Biogeography

BIO 553 [multiple faculty] EEB Colloquium [=APY550, GLY555, and GLY555SEM – DIT]

Other recommended courses for FALL 2015

PSYCH 485 [Dr. Paul] Biological Rhythms (#23440)

BIO 525 [Dr. Gockumen] Human Evolutionary Genetics (#22303)

BIO 526 [Dr. Albert] Development and Evolution (#20611)