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The EEB program at the University at Buffalo is designed to incorporate expertise that is distributed across multiple departments into a single graduate program. Training in EEB is fundamentally interdisciplinary, incorporating a wide range of the life sciences as well as physical/environmental sciences. Currently, our program offers a Master of Science degree (M.S.) in EEB, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in EEB. Generally, the EEB M.S. degree is pursued by students who are either intent on careers in the fields of consulting, teaching, ecological and environmental sciences, NGOs or government agencies (DEC, BLM, USFWS, etc); or who are preparing for a for higher degree (Ph.D., MD, DVM). The EEB Ph.D degree is suitable for students who wish to built careers in academia, or research (industry, government).

Graduate students who are already enrolled in a degree program in a traditional department at the University at Buffalo, and who are interested in demonstrating additional expertise in Evolution and Ecology can also pursue our Certificate in Evolution and Ecology. For more information on the Certificate, please contact the program director.