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Experiences: PhD


  • B-Tech, Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai, India
  • MS, Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, University at Buffalo, NY, 2009
  • Field: Primate Social Behavior; Biological Markets in Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana)
  • PhD, Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, University at Buffalo, NY, 2014
  • Field(s): Ecology and evolution of dominance behavior in macaques (Macaca sp.)
  • Also worked on phylogenetics and systematics of parasitic arthropods and their endosymbiotic bacteria
  • Recipient of NSF DDIG

Moved on to?

Postdoctoral Scientist,
The McCowan Lab for Animal Behavior Welfare, Management and Conservation
Population Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine
University at California, Davis, CA
Research field: Human-nonhuman primate behavioral interactions and conflict, ecology and evolution of infectious diseases in nonhuman primates

What courses were taken?:

  • Primate Social Behavior
  • Animal Communication
  • Evolutionary Genetics
  • Phylogenetics
  • Animal Behavior
  • Evolution Colloquium, etc.

Other important experiences?:

  • Teaching Experience: Teaching assistant for two years in the Department of Anthropology.
  • Courses as TA: Primate Social Behavior, Human Genetics, Animal Communication
  • Fieldwork in Puerto Rico: intergroup variation in rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) socioecology and social structure
  • Work in the Dittmar Lab: Learning Laboratory Techniques, such as PCR, Sequence Analysis, in situ hybridization and histology techniques

His tips for students:

  • Start writing your dissertation early, and publish all you can before you leave graduate school.
  • Enroll in at least one rigorous statistics class
  • Never give up entirely on a grant application for which you receive scathing reviewer comments. Always look to modify and re-submit, never-mind the number of previous attempts. Remember: you have nothing to lose, everything to gain!