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Selected recent publications of EEB graduate student authors & co-authors (*):


    1. Porto-Hannes I*, Zubillaga AL, Shearer T, Bastidas C, Salazar C, Coffroth MA, Szmant AM. 2014. Population structure of the corals Orbicella faveoloata and Acropora alveolata in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system with comparisons over Caribbean basin-wide spatial scale. Marine Biology. In press. doi: 10.1007/s00277-014-2560-1
    2. Coelho MAG*, Lasker HR. 2014. Reproductive biology of the Caribbean brooding octocoral Antillogorgia hystrix. Invertebrate Biology. In press. doi: 10.1111/ivb.12070
    3. Balasubramaniam K*, Dunayer ES*, Gilhooly LJ, Rosenfield KA, Berman CM. 2014. Group size, contest competition, and social structure in Cayo Santiago rhesus macaques. Behaviour 151(12-13):1759-1798.
    4. Mellas RE*, McIlroy SE*, Fitt WK, Coffroth MA. 2014. Variation in symbiont uptake in the early ontogeny of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 459:38-44.
    5. Prada C, McIlroy SE*, Beltran DM, Valint DJ*, Ford SA, Hellberg ME, Coffroth MA. 2014. Cryptic diversity hides host and habitat specialization in a gorgonian-algal symbiosis. Molecular Ecology 23(13):3330-3340.


    1. Porto-Hannes I*, Lasker HR. 2013. Isolation and characterization of 7 microsatellite loci in the Caribbean gorgonian Antillogorgia elisabethae. Marine Biodiversity. 43:273-277.
    2. Dunayer ES*, Berman CM, Matheson MD, Sheeran LK, Li JH and Wagner RS. 2013. Short term steepness changes in Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana), at Mt. Huangshan, China. American Journal of Primatology. In press.
    3. Evans M*, Coffroth MA, Lasker HR. 2013. Effects of predator exclusion on recruit survivorship in an octocoral (Briareum asbestinum) and a scleractinian coral (Porites astreoides). Coral Reefs. 32 (2): 597-601.
    4. Balasubramaniam K*, Berman C, De Marco A, Dittmar K, Majolo B, Ogawa H, ​Thierry B, De Vries H. 2013. Consistency of dominance rank order: A comparison of David’s scores with I&SI and Bayesian methods in macaques. American Journal of Primatology. 75(9):959-971.
    5. Morse S*, Bush S, Patterson BD, Dick CW, Gruwell M, Dittmar K. 2013. Evolution, multiple acquisition, and localization of endosymbionts in bat flies (Diptera: Hippoboscoidea: Streblidae and Nycteribiidae). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79 (9): 2952-2961.
    6. Poland, DM, MansfieldJM*, Lewis, CL, Shearer, TL, Connelly, S, Kirk, NL, Coffroth, MA. 2013. Inter-annual and habitat variation in Symbiodinium Marine Ecology Progress Series. 476:23-37.


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    2. Tyrrell M* and Berman CM. 2012. Reciprocal grooming and time matching in a captive group of Sulawesi black crested macaques (Macaca nigra). American Journal of Primatology 74 (Supplement 1): 73.
    3. Morse S*, Olival K, Patterson BD, Dick CW, Kosoy M, Dittmar K. 2012. Genetic diversity of bartonellae in a global sampling of bat flies (Hippoboscoidea, Streblidae, Nycteribiidae). Infection, Genetics, and Evolution 12 (8):1717-1723.
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    6. Balasubramaniam KN*, Dittmar K, Berman CM, Butovskaya M, Cooper MA, Majolo B, Ogawa H, Schino G, Thierry B, de Waal FBM. 2012. Hierarchical Steepness, Counter-aggression, and Macaque Social Style Scale. American Journal of Primatology 74 (10):915-925.
    7. Page CA*, Lasker HR. 2012. Effects of tissue loss, age and size on fecundity in the octocoral Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 434: 47-52.
    8. McLean EA*, Lasker HR. 2012. Height matters: position above the substratum influences the growth of two demosponge species. Marine Ecology 34:122-129.