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Scholarships & Awards

EEB Student Travel Award

The EEB Graduate Student Travel Award is a competitive award that provides funding for EEB graduate students to travel to and present at a professional scientific conference. The available funds may be distributed among multiple awardees.  Awards have typically ranged from $500 to $1000.

The travel award provides support for students who present papers or posters related to their UB graduate research at national or international conferences. Award monies are limited to reimbursement of meeting registration, travel, and lodging expenses that are directly related to the conference.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled in the EEB Graduate Program and in good academic standing when conference travel occurs.
  • Presented work must have been completed at UB, and the applicant must be the primary presenter.
  • The meeting/conference that the applicant is applying for funding must be held during the academic year starting July 1 (before Fall classes) through June 30 (after Spring classes).
  • Applicants must present their talk/poster in the Travel Award Competition held in conjunction with the EEB Colloquium in the Spring.

Deadline for Competition

The competition is held in conjunction with the Spring EEB colloquium and the competition is held during the final sessions of the Colloquium

Details about the competition and the application process can be found in the EEB GRADUATE STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD .

Applications should be submitted by April 1.