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Below is a list of all participating faculty, in alphabetical order, with general areas of research interest. Currently, the EEB Program unites faculty from the UB Colleges of Arts and Sciences, the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Canisius College, and Buffalo State College. Student applicants must provide an ordered list of faculty they wish to work with. It is strongly advised to contact these faculty prior to application, to communicate your interest. Click on the names to learn more.

University at Buffalo:

Victor Albert: Plant Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Aspects of Development, Comparative Genomics

Carol M. Berman: Animal Behavior, Primates, Social Behavior, Social Structure, Parent-offspring Relationships, Conflict Management

Mary A. Bisson: Plant Ecophysiology: Interactions between plants and the environment, Salinity tolerance, Heavy metal accumulation, Interactions with nanoparticles

Mary Alice Coffroth: Evolutionary Biology and Ecology; Population Biology of Marine Invertebrates

Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel: Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Morphology, Human Evolution, Modern Human Variation

Micheal Dent: Animal Behavior, Animal Communication, Audition, Complex Sound Perception

Katharina Dittmar: Evolutionary Biology, Parasitology & Endosymbiosis, Phylogenetics & Systematics, Genomics

Omer Gokcumen: Genetics of what makes us human, Comparative primate genomics, Genomic structural variation

Chris Larsen: Forest Conservation Biogeography, Climate Change, Geographic Information Systems, Paleoecology

Howard R. Lasker: Evolutionary Biology and Ecology; Population Ecology of Marine Invertebrates

Charlotte Lindqvist: Evolutionary Biology, Plant Molecular Systematics, Genomics

Stephen J. Lycett: Evolutionary Anthropology, Human Evolution, Physical Anthropology, Cultural Transmission and Evolution, Social Learning, Palaeolithic

Scott Mackay: Ecohydrology, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems

Frank C. Mendel: Form, Function, and Behavior of Extant and Extinct Cats and Cat-like Carnivores

Eduardo Mercado III: Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

Charles E. Mitchell: Paleobiology, Biostratigraphy, Appalachian Basin history, Ordovician geology

Matthew J. Paul: Neuroendocrine regulation of reproductive and social development; biological rhythms; sex differences

Derek J. Taylor: Evolutionary Biology: Molecular Systematics and Ecology of Freshwater Invertebrates, Invertebrate Viruses

Jack Tseng:  Vertebrate Paleontology, Functional Anatomy, Geometric Morphometrics, Biomechanics, Masticatory Adaptations, Computed Tomography

Adam M. Wilson: Global Change, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, Fire, Remote Sensing, Species Distribution Modeling

Other Institutions:

Susan W. Margulis (Canisius College): Primate Behavior, Reproductive Aging, Behavioral Endocrinology

David Sheets (Canisius College): Statistical Paleobiology, Statistical Inference Applied to Evolutionary or Developmental Dynamics, Geometric Morphometric Methods, Wildlife Population Modeling

Lyubov E Burlakova (Buffalo State College): Aquatic Invasive Species (mainly molluscs, particularly zebra and quagga mussels): ecology, parasitology, spread, and role in ecosystems, Biodiversity and conservation of native mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae), Ecology of freshwater benthic communities

Alexander Y Karatayev (Buffalo State College): Biodiversity, conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems, Ecology, biology, parasitology and spread of aquatic invasive species and their role in aquatic ecosystems, Diversity, biology, and ecology of benthic communities, Diversity, distribution, and conservation of native mussels (unionids)